Monday, December 5, 2016

Beautiful Colonial-Style Homes for Sale: Looking for Saltbox Houses

If you're browsing Colonial-style homes for sale, you'll be interested in saltbox houses. A saltbox house is a Colonial home named after saltboxes from that time period. This type of home not only has unique architecture but an interesting history behind it too.

A Distinct Roof Shape

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a saltbox house is steeply sloped roof that is immensely longer on one side than the other. Saltbox houses were common in New England and were often homes of patriots and pioneers. Many famous pioneers and patriots lived in a saltbox home, such as former U.S. President John Adams.

Why the Roofs Are Asymmetrical 

The roofs of saltbox homes didn't receive their asymmetrical shape by chance. Colonists started pulling the roofline farther down to make room for adding more space to the home as their families grew. 

Additional Benefits of Saltbox Roofs

This asymmetrical roofline came with three other benefits besides allowing more square footage inside the house. Snow could slide off the roof more easily, reducing the chance of roof collapse in the winter. The roof also created a triangular storage space for storing more belongings. Houses were given additional protection from cold weather thanks to the triangular storage space as well.

Traditional Colonial Features of Saltbox Homes

Saltbox homes still have some traditional colonial features, such as a large center chimney, narrow clapboard siding, understated exterior trim, and tight-patterned window grilles.

Saltbox houses are beautiful, historic homes that are still popular today. Many saltbox houses have updated interiors to keep up with the times without sacrificing the classic exterior that makes these Colonial homes unique.

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