Monday, June 27, 2016

The Top Three Things to Remove From Your House Before a Home Showing

Real estate sales are very competitive, even in the best market. That's why it's up to the seller and agent to do everything possible to make the property attractive without leaving the impression of trying too hard. Although your first instinct might be to make it personal and show how ”homey” your house is, this is a common mistake. Aside from the usual fixes like applying a fresh coat of paint, a thorough cleaning, and tidying up the outside, these are the main things you should do before you show your home to anyone.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Real Estate 101: Ins and Outs of Selling a Home In a Buyer’s Market

When the prices and sales of homes go down, the beneficiaries of this situation in the property market are buyers. Selling a house when the market is saturated and when home prices are low can be quite challenging. However, selling property in a slow market is not impossible. You can take a few steps to sell your property quickly without suffering heavy losses. A few affordable and yet effective tips can help you sell your property quickly in a buyer’s market.