Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tips for First Time Homebuyers

Looking at homes forsale can be great, however there are times when it leads to an overwhelming number of choices. Plus, you might be a bit distracted by the view or staging and will neglect to look at the house for what it is.

 So how do you know you are finding the place that is perfect for you? Try using these tips for first time homebuyers to get an idea of how you can look past certain aspects and really focus on what is necessary. 

A Room with a View

You’ve always pictured having a house by a beach or a lake; one that will allow you to sit on your porch and drink your morning coffee while soaking in everything nature has to offer. However, that spectacular view should not be the sole driving force behind your decision. While it can be a factor, views can be disrupted rather easily, thanks to new construction. So unless you own all the land between you and the view, carefully consider what you are getting yourself into.

Staging is Staged 

People hire stagers to make their homes more attractive to buyers. That is why some look so ornately decorated to perfection. But don’t let the staging fool you; you have furniture of your own, and it may not look as good in the space as the furniture that is placed there for show. The best thing you can do is to remove the staging in your mind and see if the room would work with what you have. After all, you do not want to end up remodeling later on because of something
you missed.


If your home is going to have a Homeowners Association, you might want to consider asking for the contract before making a decision. That way you know all the rules that come with living in that area.


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